Pit Pro deluxe

Pit Pro Deluxe

This digital accessory really brings the digital racing experience alive! Forget the Scalextric Pit Lane Game that has no interaction, this is a fully bidirectional fully linked system that works with the 6 car powerbases to add realism to your racing.

The “deluxe” version has both “in” and “out” sensors – enabling even more features! Pit lane speeding detection is possible, SSDC software currently allows automatic (variable) speed limiting when in the pit lane. Refuelling can ONLY take place inside the pit lane, and SSDC accurately simulates fuel usage, necessitating refuelling if you want to stay in the race! See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PjNYYV1GK4  and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcyXJJrBbRE

For use only in conjunction with Scalextric SSD digital systems with the C7042 6 car Scalextric digital powerbase using a PC based Race Management System like SSD Console (http://ssdc.jackaments.com) and a PC Cable (both not included)

Pit-Pro comprises:

1) A C7041 Scalextric Pit Lane Game, modified to include special Pit-Pro code that produces the necessary data for the PC and interprets signals from the PC to control the lights. It is modified to have an external interface for data out and in.

2) The Track mount for the tower modified to have an interface for plugging in a second sensor for “out” detection

3) A specialist cable specifically made to interface Scalextric Pit-Pro to a PC, containing TTL to USB conversion electronics integrated into the USB connector shell. Cable is 5m (16 feet) long to get from the track to your PC.

4) A straight through female to female RJ11 connector to connect cable to Pit-Pro

5) A pit straight modified to include an ID sensor to act as the “out” sensor, complete with 2m (6 feet) flying lead and connector.

Operation: There are 2 modes – default is PC mode, pressing set button puts system into old pit lane game mode (no sound) PC mode: Display and features are driven entirely by the RMS system on the PC. Typically SSD Console software uses the LEDS to show fuel levels, the red and green lights to show start/stop or flashing both is track-call (power killed for an accident). On start the PC uses the whole of the display panel to draw gigantic calculator style numbers using the LED array for the countdown sequence 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 GO GO GO! The track sensors are used to restrict fuel filling to be within the pit lane and also used to demark the automatic pit lane speed limiter start and finish.

Having Pit-Pro elevates the realism of racing, allowing interactive fuel effects – e.g. after filling up in the pits the car’s speed is reduced and slowly increases to simulate the effects of a full tank of fuel on lap time.Compatible with Scalextric 6 car powerbases C7030, C7042, PB-Pro and PB-ProSH. (nb some features limited on standard C7030)

All in all, massive fun! All parts are new and checked. System fully tested together before delivery

Deluxe set up

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